Images of Heaven:
A Book of Love, Wisdom & Truth

Images of Heaven is a book of hope that integrates science and spirituality to probe the meaning of life and translate the healing ministry of Jesus Christ into the language of our modern culture and times. With over seven hundred references to the Holy Bible, this inspired work explores the creation of the universe, the nature and origin of humankind, the purpose of earthly life, the mystery of love, the meaning of marriage, the origin of sickness and suffering, diseases of the mind, body, and spirit, the mystery of death, the life hereafter, and the means by which we enter the kingdom of heaven.

Based upon the ancient eastern (Aramaic) manuscripts of the Holy Bible, Images of Heaven conveys the Spirit of the message that the great physician Jesus Christ preached to His disciples along the shores of the Sea of Galilee nearly two thousand years ago.

Soft cover copies may be ordered online or by writing to The Binder Foundation. The minimum donation to cover printing and shipping of orders is $24.00 for the first book and $18.00 for each additional book of the same order.

Contributions to The Binder Foundation are deeply appreciated. Donations in excess of production costs allow us to make this inspirational book available to schools, hospitals, correctional facilities, and community support programs.

Single Copy $24.00
($18.00 each additional book)

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