Am I Depressed Or Am I Bipolar? is a fascinating look into the human mind that unveils the mystery behind one of the most common and disabling illnesses of our time––depression. Beginning with a discussion of brain structure and function, Dr. Michael Binder, former Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at Waukesha Memorial Hospital and a pioneer in the treatment of mood disorders, combines neurology, psychiatry, and spirituality with nearly twenty years of clinical experience to discuss the functional relationship between the mind, the body, and the spirit. From this framework, he defines the anatomy of the human mind and explains the mechanisms by which mood disorders arise and manifest themselves emotionally, psychologically, and physically.

Then, in a cutting-edge approach to im-proving the accuracy of diagnosis and treatment, Dr. Binder educates the patient about the different forms that a mood disorder can take, thus giving the patient the tools to understand his own illness and present his symptoms in a way that will help lead his physician to the right diagnosis. In the same vein, he discusses new treatment options that are currently available, using an autobiographical case history and twelve clinical case vignettes to outline the principles behind diagnosis and treatment of this common but serious and often misunderstood illness.

“After more than fifty psychiatrists and over four hundred hospitalizations, I finally found a doctor who was able to diagnose and treat the mood disorder that was behind my alcoholism and eating disorder.” –B.B.

“As a former counselor and depression sufferer, I found this book to be a pearl of medical expertise that should be read by everyone who suffers from depression or bipolar disorder.” –R.R.




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